Lunch with Liz Arnold ’98 of Google (February 7, 2013)


Last Thursday Advertise This! sponsored a discussion over lunch with Liz Arnold, class of ’98.  The discussion began with a brief general history of Liz’s education and experience prior to her current job as University Programs Specialist at Google.  The floor then opened up to a question and answer session between attendees and Liz, consisting largely about the nature of marketing at Google, and how we as Princeton students can break into the industry without having a degree specifically relating to marketing, as is available at many other schools.

The essential takeaways from the discussion were numerous.  Repeated again and again in the discussion was the point that regardless of your major, students must take the initiative to connect with potential employers, especially Princeton alumni.  The various alumni networks provided by Career Services such as TigerTracks and UCANN were crucial to Liz’s success.  Once the initial contact is made, employer referral and a well-crafted resumé emphasized individual problems, actions, and results of a particular student also served Liz well when changing jobs within the marketing industry.

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