Business-to-Business Marketing with Bliss PR (February 12, 2013)


On February 12th the AdThis board and some of its members had the pleasure of sitting down to a small dinner and interactive conference with John Bliss ’65, retired CEO and co-founder of the business-to-business marketing firm Bliss PR. A Princetonian of the class of ’65, John Bliss gave those present at the conference insight into the intricacies of owning a successful PR firm.

From the beginning of the conference Bliss declared, “I’m big into simplicity” which was reflected in his presentation and later in the way he explained how he ran his company. He first asked the group what the main difference between advertising and PR to which no one had an answer. Bliss then revealed that the most significant difference was the fact that advertisement is paid for and the consumer knows it. The rest of the conversation followed suit with Bliss offering first hand testimony on what it is like to work in a trillion dollar industry, how to run a successful company, how to build essential business relationships and much more.

He closed the talk by making a statement relevant to most of us at this stage of our lives: “It’s fine if you have no idea what you want to do in the future.” Nevertheless, he was sure to divulge what he believes to be the most attractive characteristics a prospective employee can possess: “You’ve got to think logically and write clearly.” Simple right?


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