All-Day Intro to Marketing Seminar with Rod McNealy ’72 (February 16, 2013)


Back from last year by popular demand, the Introduction to Marketing Seminar with Princeton grad Rod McNealy ’72 was held Saturday, February 16th.  The event was co-sponsored by Career Services. McNealy himself is now the Principal of McNealy Advanced Communications, at the same time conducting marketing and advertising courses at the Wharton School, the Yale School of Management and Mount Holyoke College.  From the start of the seminar, the attendees (both students and returning alumni!) were engaged in real-life applications through a case study.  He chose a classic: Coke (specifically Coke C2) vs. Pepsi.  Remember Coke C2? No? According to Mr. McNealy, this is rather unsurprising.   He proceeded to walk students through the reasons for its relative failure, and what marketing improvements could have been made to increase its popularity.

Following the case study, Mr. McNealy worked through general marketing principles, including emphasis on the consumer, marketing concepts, and the buying process.  Participants were able to break up into groups in order to practice hands-on marketing skills, including how to categorize target audiences and how to distinguish between a fact and an insight, the latter of which is needed to successfully market and sell a product. He concluded the meeting with some valuable career advice:  take advantage of the opportunities at Princeton and beyond, and never apologize for going to Princeton (especially in interviews).

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