Google and Youtube Discuss Marketing with Advertise This (February 25, 2013)


On February 25th, 2013 Producting Marketing Manager of Youtube, Beth McGrath, gave a presentation on Google’s marketing strategies to an emphatic group of fourty Princeton students.

Her intelligent and straightforward presentation was peppered with some of the sweetest Google ads, starting with the first one they ever aired. Interestingly enough, Google believed their product would remain popular if they simply allowed it to sell itself until they aired their first ad at the 2009 Super Bowl.

Although McGrath’s presentation mainly translated the innovative ways Google and YouTube use advertising successfully, she was sure to point out that one of Google’s most effective marketing comes from satisfied customers raving about different Google products to their friends.  McGrath also humbly spoke of one of Google’s big failures: Google Wave. It was such a short-lived endeavor you have probably never heard of it. She used this Google flop to balance out her previous emphasis on creativity by relating the importance of having up to date data and to illustrate how adaptable and complex Google is.

To drive in this point McGrath asked how many people at the talk had a TV in their dorm rooms.  When only a little fewer than 30% of a packed room raised their hands, she pointed out that twice as many of us would raised our hands if she had asked the same question a decade ago. She used this point to emphasize Google’s focus on the future and justify their constant investment in new products.

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