Princeton’s First Fashion Marketing Panel (April 9, 2013)


On April 9th, Advertise This held Princeton’s first-ever fashion marketing panel.  Representatives from Cartier, Shiseido, Ann Taylor, Valentino, DKNY and Madeo were present, offering their insider secrets about marketing their particular label. Though there were many commonalities between the marketing strategies of each brand, there exists a distinct direction that made each brand unique.  The marketing strategy depended on customer demographics, products being song, and company history.   Luxury brands make the trends that larger commercial stores and brands reiterate at a more affordable price—and their marketing strategies reflect their general truism.

For instance, the Japanese luxury makeup brand Sheiseido has a long-standing tradition of emphasizing the importance of the personal sensory experience with the brand.  There was a policy where their products were sold largely in person in keeping with this philosophy. However,they have only just recently opened an online store at the request of their customers, illustrating a common theme from the speakers—merging brand history with new technologies and fresh ideas. The idea that there is the constant re-imaging of a brand while keeping the standards that makes the brand unique and successful.

The audience grilled the brand representatives for career advice with questions ranging from where to look for jobs in fashion, to how to get a promotion once you have an entry-level position ‘secured’.  Like any other industry, the speakers emphasized that importance of networking and making connections with professionals, especially Princeton alumni.  Making the most of your summers to make these connections and explore opportunities you don’t have the time to do during the year was also advised across the board.  Before anything else though, enthusiasm and eagerness to work hard, and to work well with others is crucial to advancing a career in the fashion industry.  Yes, you will be getting coffee and running errands a la Devil Wears Prada, but do so with a smile on your face!

Fun figures from the event:

* 4 fabulous panelists!

* 79 registered attendees!

* 4 $50 Ann Taylor Gift Cards given away to random audience members!

* Countless beautiful photos, located here!

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