Rosetta talks Marketing (September 25, 2013)



What differentiates you from the pack?

On September 25th Rosetta, marketing and advertising consulting firm came to Princeton and ran a workshop for our members.

In front of a packed room, Rosetta employee and Princeton alumnus, Jason Bell ran a workshop geared towards illustrating the importance of an individual’s online brand from the point of view of a recruiter and potential employer.

Bell stressed in his presentation the importance of curating ones online reputation and brand with the help of a series of personal anecdotes sprinkled with statistics.

“Shape or be shaped”, he told his audience as they jotted down notes. Bell narrated a succession of slides outlining a couple of specific steps to creating an online brand for oneself that would attract employers from particular fields.

“Captivate with Passion and Knowledge” Bell spoke about the honesty and homogeneity necessary to creating a successful and powerful online brand. Furthermore he offered the room similar advice he always gives his clients. In addition, Bell clarified a common misconception: “don’t paint yourself as a renaissance man. Find you niche and hone in on it.”

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