Communications Careers Networking Event (October 2, 2013)



On October 2nd 2013 Advertise This co-hosted a communications careers networking event with Career Services.

That night the Career Services’ office was packed with undergraduates from all years looking to learn more about communications careers in general as well as looking to speak to specific individuals. The careers represented by professionals –who were all Princeton alumni– in the communications sector were incredibly diverse. Careers ranged from producers of television talk shows to the vice president of medical communications and then to social media strategists. Undergraduates navigated through the full room going from table to table in order to hear the alumni talk freely and honestly about their careers. The alumni were authentic and friendly, which made for a refreshing take on regular career oriented networking events.

The event went off without a hitch. Cards and contact information were exchanged. Some students also left with new found clarity. One senior said: “It was really nice. I now have a better idea of what specific sector I’m going to start focusing on.”

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