#REACH2014 – Reaching Today’s Elusive Consumer: Peter DeNunzio


Peter DeNunzio dived right into his talk with a thought provoking question. “Is today’s consumer really elusive?” Today’s advertising is measured in tweets and Facebook posts. “During the Super Bowl there were 24.9 million tweets and Facebook went crazy,” DeNunzio announced. Today’s advertisers face the problem of a disappearing mass audience.  In 1978, the most popular TV show “Happy Days” had a viewing audience of 34.3%. This statistic did not have that much of an impact until we heard the statistic for prime time advertising today.

Today in the 2014, the most popular TV show, “The Big Bang Theory” has a viewing audience of less than 11%. Magazine advertising has also been decreasing in effectiveness. “We’ve gone from a sit back and watch, to a multi-device, hyper-connected, always-on society”. The consumer is also much more wily. People are constantly bombarded and overwhelmed by information. People can research their own information before buying a product. “Today if you want to buy a product, the last place you’re going to look is the advertisements.” However, on the flip side, social media helps advertisers and marketers to know what their consumers really think. They also make it easier to target a particular demographic.

“How do you market to someone like me? Someone who doesn’t watch TV and uses blocker?” one student asked. DeNunzio showed no hesitation as he answered. “We’re probably not going to market at you. No amount of beaming commercials will change you  We can’t afford to send marketing investments out to people who will never give us that return.” Dynamic consumers require dynamic marketing.

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