#REACH2014 – Careers in Marketing and Advertising


“Let’s just have a nice open conversation!” opened Eric Hermelee, moderator for Saturday morning’s panel, Career in Marketing and Advertising. Joined by Tom Butta, Wendell Collins, David May, and Jessica Wey, and the panel’s attendees, Hermelee led a discussion that centered around the career options available in marketing, as well as helpful interview and networking advice.


“What kind of jobs are available in marketing?” Hermelee began with. The answers indicated there’s just about everything, given the creative, media, research, accounting, and PR options. Panelists stressed that there are many points of entry into the industry,  writing experience will always be valuable. When a member of the audience asked what makes a interviewee desirable, all the panelists responded with similar answers concerning having a story and being able to present yourself in a way that is compelling. Wey acknowledged that since it’s not always possible to have much professional experience, and so many things can be learned on the job, being enthusiastic and expressing genuine interest is key. To express a passion, Collins advised being able to speak well and passionately about your hobbies and interests. “All of you have a story,” Butta encouraged, “Look for something you’re really excited or proud about, that will reveal where your passions are.”

Panelists also responded to a question about the infamous, “Tell me about your greatest weakness” interview question. All disparaged it as a lazy move on ther interviewers part, but advised turning the question around to your advantage, or in turn, asking the interviewer what shortfalls he or she sees in students our age.  In response to closing questions, panelists mentioned how interviewers will often remember how they felt during an interview, rather than the specifics of what. When asked how to get an interview in the first place, panelists stressed the importance of not only utilizing Linkedin, but personal networking through avenues such as the Princeton alumni network or conferences such as our own REACH.

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