#REACH2014 – Keynote: ‘I Bequeath thee’: Michael Goldberg


“If you’re interested in accelerating in the industry, it will be around the time I will be decelerating. So I want to find my successors and the people who will take over tomorrow” said Michael Goldberg, Partner and CMO of Deutsch, in his closing keynote ‘I Bequeath Thee’. Mr. Goldberg brought the two-day REACH conference to a resounding close with his address. He expressed his love for the advertising industry, and gave students four tenets to follow – embrace it, improve it, change it, share it.

“I may have played for different teams over the years, but I played all the way through because I love the industry so much.” By embracing a love for advertising, and recognizing that we live in a brand-based world, Mr. Goldberg emphasized how people in the industry are forced to live in the present, to try new things, to tell new stories, and to “Live your life out loud.”

 However, there are realms of the advertising world that need to be improved. Mr. Goldberg commented on the divide between what advertisers want, and what their clients want, and how to close that divide. “In the end, you have to make stuff to help sell stuff or there’s no point.” He presented a well-known Apple advertisement (‘Here’s to the crazy ones’) to establish an example of a company that is listening to what their consumers want and conveying it.

Mr. Goldberg also spoke of the ubiquity of change. “People are living and saying and doing in ways they never have before.” He encouraged everyone to embrace these changes, to “Look at things happening in life and understand them more, understand how they impact life.” In his closing message, Mr. Goldberg bequeathed the industry to the generation of successors, as long as they promised to change it, share it in their turn as well, and ultimately leave it in a better state than they found it in.

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