#REACH2014 – Personalized Marketing: Christopher Kuenne ’85


Saturday morning presentations were kicked off by Christopher Kuenne, Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at Princeton. Despite the lack of a brand management or advertising program for undergraduates at Princeton, Mr. Kuenne has made it large – he is the Founder and CEO of Rosemark Capital Group, and Founder of Rosetta. Mr. Kuenne discussed the premise of marketing in the connected world, where all things digital and social that function on a massive scale.

He spoke of how to understand consumer choice in a new way in the context of his experience at Rosetta. Most advertisements today explain the what – what they’re selling, and how – how they make it. What they miss out on is the why – why they’re making what they do, and how that separates a company from their competitors. At Rosetta, the aim to understand the why question by placing consumers in a three-dimensional space, and understanding their attitudes, needs, and behaviors. Mr. Kuenne also raised the question of relevance – how relevant is a company to their consumers? This depends on fundamentally organizing the target audience around the why question, and by understanding the consumer’s mindset, companies can unleash the next level of digital, social, and mobile marketing to optimize their impact.

Mr. Kuenne also discussed the qualities companies like Rosetta look for in their applicants. The ideal applicant should be “strong analytically, but also have a strong poetic, philosophical, historical or some other qualitative orientation to complement their quantitative skills.” He also addressed all young entrepreneurs looking to start the next great startup, but lacking the resources a company like Rosetta may possess. “You can talk to people, and think things through. You won’t have the data analytics or the empirical base, but you can figure out the distinctive groups of people you’re targeting and what motivates them.”

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