#REACH2014 – Summary

REACH Conference

April 4 – 5, 2014

With nearly 300 students and alumni and 24 incredible speakers, AdvertiseThis’ REACH conference sparked into life a previously quiet interest in marketing and advertising on Princeton’s campus. Session topics ranged from advertising’s storytelling power to careers in marketing, from spontaneity on Twitter to personal anecdotes of self-discovery.

Undoubtedly, REACH’s talks, panels, REACHTalks and overall experience positively influenced students’ view marketing and advertising. As Princeton’s first ever marketing and advertising conference, REACH provided a stepping stone for those interested in relevant industries, teaching students about the general skills of marketing and how to apply those across all fields.

Between sessions, McDonnell Hall buzzed with the chatter of our REACH attendees, distinctive in their orange lanyards and savvy interest in marketing and advertising. Maybe you were one of these attendees, and now have that burning desire to relive the glorious two days of advice and free Gatorade. Maybe you couldn’t make it to REACH, but want to know just what went down. You’re all in luck! While you might have to wait for next year’s conference to network one-on-one with speakers or applaud for speakers along with an entire auditorium of people, you can refresh and experience anew the REACH sessions now. Feel free to peruse and comment on the recaps our AdThis journalists have written up below.

Friday, April 4

Keynote: Global Insights Driving Local Engagement: Lorraine Chow Hansen ’87
Breakout: Ethnography and Advertising: Alison Demos ’98
Breakout: Brand and Storytelling Power: Eric Hermelee ’89
Breakout: Effective Marketing Communications: Tom Magnus ’77
Breakout: Reaching Today’s Elusive Consumer: Peter DeNunzio
Panel: Women in Marketing and Advertising Panel: Kat Peeler ‘85, Josie Lee ‘05, Alison Demos ‘98

Saturday, April 5

Keynote: Engage the Global Consumer: Adam Goldstein ’81
Breakout: Personalized Marketing: Christopher Kuenne ’85
Breakout: Creativity in 140 Characters: Guy Yalif ’94
Breakout: Beauty is only skin-deep what lies beneath?: Kat Peeler ’85
Breakout: Personal Branding: The need to be different: Steven Savino
Panel: Careers in Marketing and Advertising Panel: Wendell Collins, Thomas Butta, Jessica Wey ‘07
REACHtalks: Thomas Butta, David Dunne, Albe Zakes, Jane Manfred, David Levit ‘10
Breakout: Real-Time Marketing: Jade Guanchez-Leet ’06
Breakout: The Politics, Power and Values of Corporate Branding: David May ’80
Breakout: The Economics of Advertising and Digital Technology – Swati Bhatt
Panel: 360 Degree Experience: Adam Goldstein ‘81, Guy Yalif ‘94, Jade Guanchez-Leet ‘06
Keynote: ‘I Bequeath thee’: Michael Goldberg

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