Communications and Media Night (10/1)


Communications and Media Night, co-sponsored by Princeton University Career Services and Princeton Advertise This, was a huge hit with over 100 students in attendance from a variety of years and concentrations. The Intimate and casual setting in the Career Services office provided the perfect opportunity for students to have one-on-one and small group conversations with Princeton alumni working in diverse areas of communications and media. It was a great way for students to learn about various careers and how these accomplished alumni made their way into their current industry. And guess what: hardly anyone had started out in the communications industry, and no one thought they would end up where they are now!

A dozen alumni from many different concentrations, such as Astrophysics, Anthropology, Sociology, and more, achieved distinguished careers in various areas of communications and media – career options they didn’t even know were available when they were at Princeton! Here’s just a sampling: Sharon Hoffman `91 was a History/East Asian Studies concentrator and is now an Executive Producer for Weekend News of CBS News specializing in broadcast journalism. Raoul Bhavnani `93, a concentrator in Religion and Theater and Dance, had a very impressive journey from Wall Street to where he is now as the Director of the Strategic Communications segment at FTI Consulting. Lydia Thew `03, who graduated with a degree in Comparative Literature and a Certificate in Visual Arts, is now an Executive Producer at CNBC, NBC Universal. The interesting career path of Douglas Warshaw `88, a Politics concentrator, took him from working at ABC News in the Special Events And Political Unit to where he is now as an Executive Producer at ESPN.

All of the alumni present were tremendously inspirational. If there is one thing to be learned from an event like this, it is that a Princeton education can truly take you anywhere!

-Julia Schorn ’17

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