Google at Princeton (9/22-9/23)

The room dissolved into laughter as Google representative, Raine Katz, said, “If you think the freshman fifteen was a problem, come to Google. There’s food every 150 feet.”

Katz is an account planner specializing in healthcare at Google, and her passion for her work and company are absolutely infectious. At the Google Information session sponsored by Career Services and Princeton Advertise This, Katz tossed out free headphones and Google play gift cards to anyone who could answer core questions about Google’s founding. 

However, besides showering the audience with Google swag, Katz also spoke eloquently about Google’s emphasis on collaboration, transparency and community within the workplace. With more than 52,000 employees worldwide, Google nevertheless manages to maintain the feeling of closeness and accessibility that is characteristic of start-ups. And even as it expands, all of its employees keep the statement that drove the creation of this Internet giant close to heart: “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

It’s not at all surprising that whenever students are surveyed, Google comes out as the number one place they want to work. By the end of the information session it was clear to see why positions at Google are so sought after. At the end of the presentation, Katz divulged the information that everybody had been waiting for- how to get a job at Google. The secret? You just have to have a “Googley” personality and like to learn.

-Lacey Wisdom ’17

Google representative Raine Katz returned to give another fantastic presentation to Princeton students about what she does as part of the Google sales team specializing in pharmaceutical companies. As part of this team, she researches and analyzes data and polls to effectively represent major pharmaceutical companies who are looking to advertise on Google. Katz led an engaging and interactive case study experience as she posed a question to students:

“How would YOU build Tylenol’s brand online?”

We were given an insider’s view of how the Google team actually approached this very question. Step by step she explained how her team might look at the situation and shared all of the tools they would utilize to accurately research and analyze this marketing challenge. It was an eye opening experience as she described the process and all of the angles that they look at. Google investigates a target demographic and how they consume media. For example, for Tylenol, the target demographic was moms. They determined that a majority of moms have smartphones and turn to YouTube videos for advice. With this data, they successfully marketed Tylenol utilizing YouTube videos. Moms can watch videos of a nurse that provides helpful answers to questions such as “What can I do for my child’s cold symptoms?” and “What can I do for a teething baby?” These videos build consumer confidence for the Tylenol brand.

Students were captivated, asked interesting questions, and answered the stimulating questions that Katz cast out to the crowd, including “How will you measure success?” and “What do consumers think about Tylenol?” For every question answered, students were rewarded with Google swag.

Katz, encouraging and very approachable, truly represented Google’s unique philosophy and emphasis on group collaboration. Students left armed with Google swag, more knowledge on what a marketing career is like, and, of course, pizza.

-Julia Schorn ’17

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