AppNexus 11/19

AppNexus provides the technology that empowers companies to buy and sell online advertising programmatically. During the company’s visit on November 19th, Veronique Valcu, Senior Manager of Brand Marketing at AppNexus declared that the company was “No longer a tiny boot-strap start up.” The company is now seven years old, and has currently raised up to $250 M from investors. AppNexus also transacts nearly 40 billion advertisements per day. Through a variety of methods, AppNexus’ primary goal is to allow buyers and sellers to essentially trade advertising. With its proud orange and black logo, it is no surprise that Princeton alumnus founded this company. However, besides simply giving those assembled the rundown on AppNexus, Valcu and her co-worker Stephanie Manning, Junior University Recruiter at AppnNexus, broke the usual mold of these types of events by getting interactive. The AppNexus representatives split everybody up into informal groups and challenged everybody to build their own hotel brand. The decision to make things interactive created an exciting atmosphere that got everybody remarkably involved and offered a window into the process that goes into the preliminary stages of generating a brand.

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