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AppNexus 11/19

AppNexus provides the technology that empowers companies to buy and sell online advertising programmatically. During the company’s visit on November 19th, Veronique Valcu, Senior Manager of Brand Marketing at AppNexus declared that the company was “No longer a tiny boot-strap start up.” The company is now seven years old, and has currently raised up to […]

Google at Princeton (9/22-9/23)

The room dissolved into laughter as Google representative, Raine Katz, said, “If you think the freshman fifteen was a problem, come to Google. There’s food every 150 feet.” Katz is an account planner specializing in healthcare at Google, and her passion for her work and company are absolutely infectious. At the Google Information session sponsored by […]

Communications and Media Night (10/1)

BY JULIA SCHORN ’17 Communications and Media Night, co-sponsored by Princeton University Career Services and Princeton Advertise This, was a huge hit with over 100 students in attendance from a variety of years and concentrations. The Intimate and casual setting in the Career Services office provided the perfect opportunity for students to have one-on-one and […]