AppNexus 11/19

AppNexus provides the technology that empowers companies to buy and sell online advertising programmatically. During the company’s visit on November 19th, Veronique Valcu, Senior Manager of Brand Marketing at AppNexus […]

Google at Princeton (9/22-9/23)

The room dissolved into laughter as Google representative, Raine Katz, said, “If you think the freshman fifteen was a problem, come to Google. There’s food every 150 feet.” Katz is […]

#REACH2014 – Summary

REACH Conference April 4 – 5, 2014 With nearly 300 students and alumni and 24 incredible speakers, AdvertiseThis’ REACH conference sparked into life a previously quiet interest in marketing and […]

#REACH2014 – REACHtalks

(By ANEESH RAI, ALIISA LEE, LACEY-ANN WISDOM) The second day of REACH saw the much-awaited series of REACHtalks,  a set of TED-talk style presentations by five of our speakers.   […]