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#REACH2014 – Keynote: ‘I Bequeath thee’: Michael Goldberg

(By ANEESH RAI) “If you’re interested in accelerating in the industry, it will be around the time I will be decelerating. So I want to find my successors and the people who will take over tomorrow” said Michael Goldberg, Partner and CMO of Deutsch, in his closing keynote ‘I Bequeath Thee’. Mr. Goldberg brought the […]

#REACH2014 – 360 Degree Experience Panel

(By LACEY-ANN WISDOM) The 360 Degree Experience Panel was an excellent juxtaposition of charismatic marketing voices. Adam Goldstein ‘81, Guy Yalif ‘94, and Jade Guanchez-Leet ‘06 had a lot of wisdom to impart as they fielded questions about marketing and advertising from moderator, Professor Steven Savino, and the attendants of the REACH Conference. They provided […]

#REACH2014 – The Politics, Power and Values of Corporate Branding: David May ’80

(By ANEESH RAI) “It’s not about the product, it’s also about the politics” stated David May, CMO of AIG. His talk, titled “The politics, power, and values of corporate brands” focused on the power struggles and challenges faced by corporate brands in maintaining their worth and influence, and the value of having that brand-name.  In […]

#REACH2014 – Real-Time Marketing: Jade Guanchez-Leet ’06

(By LACEY-ANN WISDOM) From the beginning, Jade Guanchez-Leet’s talk was explosively engaging. Guanchez-Leet ‘06, started off her talk with giveaways that quickly captured the attention of the eager audience as she yelled, “anybody from NJ?” As a few hesitant hands went up, Guanchez-Leet picked a lucky conference attendee to win a free Coca-Cola giveaway. Soon […]

#REACH2014 – REACHtalks

(By ANEESH RAI, ALIISA LEE, LACEY-ANN WISDOM) The second day of REACH saw the much-awaited series of REACHtalks,  a set of TED-talk style presentations by five of our speakers.   Our first REACHtalk was by Thomas Butta, CMO of Appnexus. The topic of his presentation was ‘Noise – how to rise above it’.  He spoke […]

#REACH2014 – Careers in Marketing and Advertising

(By ALIISA LEE) “Let’s just have a nice open conversation!” opened Eric Hermelee, moderator for Saturday morning’s panel, Career in Marketing and Advertising. Joined by Tom Butta, Wendell Collins, David May, and Jessica Wey, and the panel’s attendees, Hermelee led a discussion that centered around the career options available in marketing, as well as helpful […]

#REACH2014 – Personal Branding: The need to be different: Steven Savino

(By ANEESH RAI) “The days of producing half-million dollar television commercials are over.” echoed Steven Savino, Professor in the department of Marketing at Lehigh University. We belong in an age where you have to brand not only the product you sell, but also your company, and also you, the individual. Professor Savino opened the talk […]

#REACH2014 – Beauty is only skin-deep what lies beneath?: Kat Peeler ’85

(By LACEY-ANN WISDOM) The problem with marketing and advertising beauty products is that there is no unified definition of beauty. As a result, the marketing division of L’Oreal is charged with creating products that appeal to people that come from all walks of life. Kat Peeler, ‘85 quickly listed off a couple of  L’Oreal’s beauty […]

#REACH2014 – Creativity in 140 Characters: Guy Yalif ’94

(By ALIISA LEE) The familiar clean white and baby-blue color scheme of Twitter filled McDonnel’s screen as attendees filled into Guy Yalif’s talk on Saturday morning. Through the course of his session, Yalif themes and anecdotes about just how much can be accomplished through 140 characters. Yalif shared how twitter interactions themselves are the platform’s […]

#REACH2014 – Personalized Marketing: Christopher Kuenne ’85

(By ANEESH RAI) Saturday morning presentations were kicked off by Christopher Kuenne, Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at Princeton. Despite the lack of a brand management or advertising program for undergraduates at Princeton, Mr. Kuenne has made it large – he is the Founder and CEO of Rosemark Capital Group, and Founder of Rosetta. Mr. Kuenne discussed […]