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#REACH2014 – Keynote: Engage the Global Consumer: Adam Goldstein ’81

(By LACEY-ANN WISDOM) “How many of you have been on a cruise?” This was the way Adam Goldstein, the Saturday Morning Keynote speaker for the REACH Conference, began his presentation. Many hands went up. “How many of you would be at an 8:30 lecture if you were on a cruise right now?” A wave of […]

#REACH2014 – Women in Marketing and Advertising Panel: Kat Peeler

(By ALIISA LEE) “It’s your own ability, not just because of being a woman, that should give you an advantage,” noted Kat Peeler during the Women in Marketing and Advertising panel. With their range of backgrounds and specialties, each of the three panelists were able to offer a unique perspective on the moderator’s questions, while […]

#REACH2014 – Reaching Today’s Elusive Consumer: Peter DeNunzio

(By LACEY-ANN WISDOM) Peter DeNunzio dived right into his talk with a thought provoking question. “Is today’s consumer really elusive?” Today’s advertising is measured in tweets and Facebook posts. “During the Super Bowl there were 24.9 million tweets and Facebook went crazy,” DeNunzio announced. Today’s advertisers face the problem of a disappearing mass audience.  In […]

#REACH2014 – Effective Marketing Communications: Tom Magnus ’77

(By ANEESH RAI) Effective marketing communications, or “basically advertising” as Mr. Magnus succinctly put it, was the major focus of his presentation on the first day of REACH.  His five major questions were ones that all audience members had heard before – why, who, what, how, and so? His answers, on the other hand, gave a different […]

#REACH2014 – Brand and Storytelling Power: Eric Hermelee ’89

(By ANEESH RAI) “I’m not selling videogame consoles, I’m selling fun.” so began Eric Hermelee’s presentation on Brand and Storytelling Power. Building off of the opening keynote address by Ms. Hansen, Mr. Hermelee addressed three main points – building a successful brand, using the art of storytelling, and what it means to work at a […]

#REACH2014 – Ethnography and Advertising: Alison Demos ’98

(By LACEY-ANN WISDOM) “What we want to do is go beyond what people say and get to what they actually do. We are complex people. Daily life is a set of negotiations that puts us closer and further from our aspirations at differing times. Behavior is curved.” These were the opening words of Alison Demos […]

#REACH2014 – Keynote: Global Insights Driving Local Engagement: Lorraine Chow Hansen ’87

(By ANEESH RAI, ALIISA LEE, LACEY-ANN WISDOM) “Do we have any Doritos consumers out there?” Lorraine Hansen asked to those assembled at commencement speech of the 2014 Reach Conference. Hansen ‘87 started off her presentation by proudly advertising herself as a Jersey girl. When the question of undergraduate matriculation arose, Hansen, a first generation Asian-American […]