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    Thanks for your interest in our new marketing consulting program!

    As part of the program, students will be working on projects that promote the brand of the nonprofit partner, which might include: creating original marketing content, managing social media presence, organizing data lists, or any other marketing-related efforts.

    For this application, you will be asked to submit a video response. This can be just a simple youtube recording and will act as your interview. The response will not be seen by anyone but the consulting branch directors at Advertise This and will be used for the purposes of this application only. When setting your video privacy settings, please ensure that “anyone with a link can view it”. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the video submission, email adthis@princeton.

    Applications will be due Saturday 9/21 at 5pm. Students will be notified of the status of their application on or before 9/25 and will undergo training 2 weeks after.
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