Consulting Team


Our Team

Carmen Huynh (Head of Consulting) 

When she is not busy climbing boulders or downloading punchy fonts on her computer, Carmen pursues her interests in enterprise development, marketing, and urban planning. Carmen joined AdThis to pursue these interests while working with local non-profits to develop marketing strategies and branding. She is excited to work with, learn from, and have a bit of fun with AdThis Consulting Group this semester!


Mark Zhang
Definitions are constraining––so this will be short. When he isn’t attending the latest speaker event, he can be found productively procrastinating or pursuing his interest in behavioral economics, social entrepreneurship, and high-impact problem-solving. As a result AdThis Consulting is a prime method for exploring the fascinating intersection of all three, and doing something good while doing business.

Anid Laoui, Environment NJ Student Consultant 

Anid is a freshman in the Operations Research and Financial Engineering Department, pursuing certificates in Sustainable Energy and Computer Science. He is interested  in sustainable development and wants to work towards building a more efficient and environmentally friendly society. Anid decided to join AdThis because of the club’s dedication to producing quality results that made a difference in today’s market. He hopes to contribute a fresh perceptive to the the team and work with everyone to provide even better products for clients.


Yuan Wang (Princeton Public Library Student Consultant) 

Yuan Wang hails from Manhattan Beach, California, a beach suburb of Los Angeles. He is an avid badminton player, competing at the collegiate level and beyond, and is a developing road cyclist. At Princeton, he is a sophomore in mathematics department and serves as the president of the road cycling team and captain of the badminton club. He is a member of his town’s Congregationalist church, the Manhattan Beach Community Church and still works with his town’s nonprofit badminton club to promote youth athletics and general health and fitness. Regarding post-graduation goals, Yuan is considering both the possibilities of post-graduate study as a doctoral or law school candidate, or a career in science in industry.


Margot Yale 

Margot is a sophomore majoring in art history from Queens, NY. Outside of Advertise This Consulting, she spends a lot of time at the Art Museum. She also enjoys cooking and painting.


Tammy Tseng (Youth Empowerment Services) 

Tammy Tseng is a freshman from Fremont, California pursuing a degree in Economics, with interests in media, marketing, and nonprofit management.  Outside of AdThis, Tammy is an officer for Princeton Social Innovation and a freelance journalist for University Press Club.


Julie Goldstein is a freshman from Miami, Florida. Julie loves baking, taking pictures for the newspaper, dancing, and volunteering for community service projects. She is extremely excited to put her past nonprofit experience to use as an AdThis consultant! 

Julie is a consultant in the Womanspace Inc. Project, so please put her bio underneath Daniela’s.


Youri Lee, Womanspace Inc. 

I’m Youri, a potential Woodrow Wilson School major, and I joined AdThis because I get excited about consulting, presentation, and problem solving. I’m also on the marketing team of VERTE Magazine, a member of the Equestrian Team, and a writer for The Nassau Weekly.


Katie Woo, Youth Empowerment Services 

Katie is a sophomore in the Art History department, pursuing a certificate in Finance. When she isn’t working on the AdThis consulting partnership with Youth Empowerment, she is stalking Boo the dog. 


Christian Perry, Womanspace Inc. 

Christian Perry is an aspiring entrepreneur from Laurel, Maryland. He’s very excited to work with Womanspace this semester!


Aryaman Jalota
Aryaman Jalota is a freshman from Mumbai, India. Having enjoyed studying Mathematics and Economics in the IB programme, he intends to major in Operations Research and Financial Engineering to utilize these disciplines in practical fields. He joined AdThis Consulting because he wanted to develop his analytical and creative skills, while contributing to the cause of non-profits in the process. In addition to consulting for AdThis, Aryaman is involved with the Cricket Club, and Naacho, a South Asian dance group at Princeton.

Maggie Zhang (Youth Empowerment Services, Project Manager) 

I’m a junior in the English department who loves all things related to journalism, marketing, and creativity. On campus, I also work as the Managing Editor of Princeton Traveler and I’m a host for Tea with Strangers. I’m excited to work with AdThis Consulting and help local nonprofits with their marketing needs! 


Daniela Raffel (Womanspace Inc. Project Manager) 

Hi, my name is Daniela. I’m a Junior in the Econ department. This is my third time working with the AdThis consulting team but it looks to be the most exciting project so far! Fun facts: I have three passports, I’ve never had a pet, and I’m a big fan of tea. I’m also terrible at bios.