Have questions about Reach? We’ve got answers.

> What is Reach?

REACH is Princeton’s first ever marketing and advertising conference, aiming to discuss the changing ways in which companies and individuals must now reach out to their audience. This is not a conference about the marketing industry alone; it is a conference about marketing as a transformative skill. Reach marks a huge steppingstone for the Princeton community and one of the greatest opportunities in your undergraduate career, as Princeton’s lack of a marketing or advertising program has previously limited the opportunities for students interested in that field.

> When is the conference?

The conference begins 5pm on Friday, April 4 (ending 8:30pm) and continues 9am on Saturday, April 5 (ending 6:30pm). Students must attend all sessions on both days.

Please note a time change – the conference was previously scheduled to begin at 6pm on Friday but will now begin at 5pm. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

> Who can attend?

We are opening up registration to 250 Princeton students of all disciplines, as well as 50 returning alumni and undergraduates at other universities.

> What’s in store?

The conference subject is “Engage the Contemporary Consumer”. Our two-day conference hosts over 20 speakers, including keynotes:

  • Adam Goldstein ’81CEO/President, Royal Caribbean
  • Lorraine Hansen ’87, President, Global Snacks, PepsiCo
  • Michael GoldbergCMO, Deutsch Inc

There will also be Keynote Q&As, seminars, panels, networking sessions, a ‘Ted Talks’ segment, raffle of giveaways donated by Microsoft, a ‘Speakers and Students’ dinner for 30 students and  more.

> What are ‘REACH Talks’?

REACH Talks are a segment of our conference modeled after the popular ‘Ted Talks’ series. REACH Talk speakers will give 5-20 minute speeches on a topic of their choice and will further broaden the variety of speakers and industries represented at our two-day conference.

> As a student, what do I have to gain from this conference?

Reach provides students with an unparalleled and exclusive look into marketing and advertising across every industry, and undoubtably is one of the greatest opportunities in your undergraduate career. Whether you’re interested in marketing as a career option or merely wish to gain a strong set of marketing skills, Reach allows you to learn from alumni and professionals in a way that Princeton has never offered before.

Make the most of the conference by attending every session and learn about everything from branding yourself to marketing for a startup. Develop a strong skill set that you can use in any project or career, and impress employers with the initiative you’ve taken to educate yourself on this dynamic field.

> Where do I purchase a ticket?

Princeton students can purchase tickets at the Ticketing Office in Frist Campus Center. Tickets are $12. Tickets must be validated online after purchase (here).

Princeton alumni can purchase tickets over the phone (609-258-9220) or online for $40. Tickets must be validated online after purchase (here).

Undergraduates from other Universities can purchase tickets over the phone (609-258-9220) or online for $25. Tickets must be validated online after purchase (here).

> Where can I find travel and parking directions?

Visit the directions & parking tab above.

> Where can I learn more?

RSVP to the Facebook event and like our conference page for all updates. More information, including a list of speakers and non-Princeton undergraduate registration, can be found on our website as well.